The highway construction work consists of a 16-kilometre relocation of the highway starting at the Mendenhall River and rejoining the old highway approximately five kilometres past the village of Champagne. This project has spanned more than 15 months and created employment for 50 people on average, which equates to approximately 1800 person weeks of employment. The result is a safer road, improved highway infrastructure and the elimination of high traffic […]

This should then form the basis for an assessment of fuel poverty. Whilst NEA recognises the value of using additional relevant information and statistical methods in fuel poverty calculations, it believes that there are agencies better positioned than BRE to understand the implications of work in what is a sensitive and contentious area of social policy. NEA further argues that constraints placed upon the consultation exercise itself by Government have […]

Thirty years is a very short time for forward planning of air transport, when one considers the very long lead times in developing any major airport expansion or new airport. Airport planning in the UK tends to have been characterized by a short-term incremental approach which can lead to highly sub-optimal outcomes, particularly because it favours expansion of existing facilities at the expense of developing superior new facilities. The contrast […]